How do you properly introduce your fathers special friend of 10 years at the funeral who made him very happy during those years?


My father just passsed away last night and in planning the funeral we want his special friend to be in line with us. How do we properly announce her on Thursday.

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Thank you for your reply, Sylvia was so much like our mother who passed away several years ago. My mother raised my sisters and I to always keep an open heart and mind, all three of us do. She was good for our father and us and we included her in everything we did. Thanks again, Susie
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Your words sound good to me: "My father's dear friend, who made him so happy in these last years."

I appreciate you being good to her. On this website we hear a lot about families that treat each other and step relatives so badly. It sounds like you opened your heart to her, and everyone benefitted.

I should have seen it coming in my life. The man I planned to marry didn't include me with family at his mother's funeral. In the end, of course, he didn't marry me! I now have a wonderful family of my own.
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