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Okay guys, this really isn't so much a discussion as it is a very sad announcement for me. No, my mom is still very much hanging on and existing everyday. It is about my one little earth angel who despite of her heart congestive failure would help me by administering my mom's insulin injections so that I would have a little bit of rest.

My confidant and very good friend "Minnie" died this morning at 6 a.m. I am utterly devastated at her loss. I guess I just wanted others to know what a good soul she was and how much loved she was. Once again I am totally alone in caregiving for my mom with no end in sight. Family is a very lost cause for me and I don't know my next step. Guess I just need to grieve for now.

BTW, I am the only child in town, "official provider" for my mom and have been doing this for many, many years. Minnie would provide me with a little bit of sun in such a dark place at times.

God bless you all.


good friends are rare, i hope you meet another or two. sorry for your great loss.
So sorry for your great loss. Good friends are so hard to find and she sounded like a jewel.
I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend Minnie. Good friends are so hard to find...sorry you lost one of yours. {{Hugs}}
What happened, Cats? Did she have a heart attack? I am so sorry that you lost the friend you counted on so much.
I am sorry for your loss, remember friends are the family we choose. The best friends are the ones willing to hold our hand in the darkest moments. You can never replace a loved one, but I do hope you will have another person in your life that provides you comfort and love.
Catsx, I do hope you are coming to the tip of the beginning of terms with the loss of your treasured friend. Let her memory stand out, and not your loss of her. May you find joy in this and give thanks.
So sorry to hear this, Cat. Good thoughts and hugs coming your way. May her memory be for a blessing.

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