My Dad with Alzheimer’s, he’s getting worse.

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My dad is 79 years old and has been diagnosed with Alzheimer, his situation is declining very fast, and I don’t know what to expect! This made him sometimes physically aggressive and angry, and he refuses to take his medicine, and the communication with him is almost impossible, and I’m quite new to caring… looking for some advice or feedback.


ALZ patients can be quiet or aggressive. I was in denial a long time with my mom. If you think meds will help, try to get him to take it in a shake or applesauce. Mom is in a board and care/6 pack,so they monitor all meds. She cant swallow her pills so they crush them and put it in applesauce. Othewise she chews them, yuck. He is probably frustrated with the new situaiton too...Talk with doctor, hospice, Hospice will talk with you. They can give you advice. They are really good compassionate people. Sorry you are going through this too. It is hard to accept at first. Do you have siblings or family to help you? Patience, lots of it. I am learning still.
Well Brad, you have come to the right place.... could you possibly aswer some questions that might help us to help you.... does your dad live with you, what meds, if any, is he on.... does he have a regular Dr , and in what ways is communication impossible?? if you could share some of this, possibly we can help.... but happy to see you reached out for help.... there is a wealth of experience and information here.... we'll help if we can.... hugs to you...
To gage my mom's disease and where she is mentally, I play catch with her. I buy the $2.00 kids ball at the thrifty store and toss it to her. She used to throw it back to me, but now she looks at it, and hands it back....Seh is not quick to catch any more either. when she was tired of playing ball, she used to really throw it hard at me and give me a look that would say STOP. Maybe dad needs a treat. Mom likes shakes. It makes her happy. Ifinally stopped fighting the disease. I do have help. I tried taking care of her at her home and my home. with a child, family, work, and mom, it was hard to juggle. I have her a mile away from me so I can stop in any time....She would be up at night which meant I did not sleep. My spouse said no more, it was going to kill me sooner than later.
LadeeM is right. REad on, sift through, absorb, and ask away. Hospice took my mom off the Aricept Namenda, and cholestrol drugs. She is 86 and it was the last 2 years that I accepted her ALZ. She mostly sleeps now, she didn't even wake up with the foot massage I gave her yesterday....Quality time, make the best of it. Get help, part or full time care taker to help you out. Even a couple hours a week at least...will help can help out that would be great..

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