Other than the three days a week I'm with dad to eat, he eats only soup.

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I work full time and ususally have my dad over on Sundays, go to dinner with him on Fridays and take him to game night and have food there. Other than that he eats mostly soup.


I try to get him to order food from Schwanns but he said, no I can make it. He doesn't though and nobody else is helping bringing him meals over. He is 87 years old and pretty with it but this is just frustrating, I don't want to buy TV dinners all the time but wondered if anyone has suggestions for a stubborn man.
Does your father have any transportation? Senior centers often serve a very nutritious lunch for a nominal price. It is usually big enough to last an adult all day. The lunches are generally administered by the Meals on Wheels program for the counties. Sometimes the workers will bring meals to the home if the person is not able to come to the center. Some programs don't have the resources to do that. If you are interested, you can contact your local senior center or Meals on Wheels program.
Meals on Wheels was great for my mother. (What she liked best was that they always included dessert!) She did not use the stove any more (thank goodness) but could operate the microwave no problem. She really like Stouffer's frozen meals. (Stuffed green pepper were her favorite.)

There are some very good canned and especially frozen soups these days, and also some nice ones in the refrigerated case. I find myself making a meal of broccoli cheese soup from a restaurant chain and a slice of whole grain bread or an apple frequently. Nothing wrong with a meal of good soup!

Could you bring him a half dozen hard boiled eggs to snack on during the week? My mother really loved it when someone brought her deviled eggs. Simple, inexpensive, and good protein.

Does he take home leftovers from your Sunday dinner? Do you help him stock his fridge with fruit? Can he make himself a sandwich?

It doesn't sound like this is a crisis situation, but maybe there are a few simple ways you can help him add variety to his meals.

(And do look into Meals on Wheels. In addition to the food, it is nice to know that someone is seeing your dad daily.)

He does drive but doesn't cook. I think I'm just going to insist he order from Schwanns. There isn't any meals on wheels in Illinois as far as I can find. Thanks for comments and suggestions.
Illinois -- I know of two right away. Chicago has a huge program that serves a lot of people. The Metropolis area also has one. Schwann's is fine. Meals on Wheels is even better. Jeanne was so right about the meals. They serve them here at the Senior Center. 20-30 people meet to eat there 5 days a week, so it is a very social thing. Their plates are loaded with all they can eat. And there is some type of dessert, and sometimes cookies or Moon Pies -- a big hit here is Alabama. One of my friends is one of the Meals on Wheels people. They are quite dedicated. They love what they do.
I guess I should add YMMV. The plates in San Marcos's (TX) program were served up at lunchtime, instead of pre-assembled. There was usually less food and it wasn't as good as the meals here in Birmingham. I've never eaten a Meals on Wheels meal, but I probably will one day when cooking becomes a chore.
Eating soup isn't the worst thing he could eat but if its the canned variety, it's full of sodium. He may think its easier then preparing something else but a variety is certainly better for him. Jeanne is so right about the boiled eggs. I always have them on hand for my husband when he has had an episode with hypoglycemia.
I live in TX in a rural area and even the small towns around here have senior meal programs. Maybe you can contact the county if your father doesn't live in a large city. These meals are a godsend for elders providing variety, quality and quantity.

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