Have you read Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?: A Memoir

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by Roz Chast. This book covers the last years of Roz's parents lives. I just finished this and have my husband reading it now. It had me laughing at parts and wiping my eyes at others. It is a quick relatable read with photographs and illustrations. Got my copy from the library, but worth a purchase if you don't want to wait.


That is a terrific book! All - run to your local library and read this book that is filled with humor and illustrations that had me shrieking with laughter.
Im going to look this up.. sounds great. from a long time ago when I did a death and dying class we also ready a book called Gramps.. about a grandson who photographed his grandpa as ALZ took over.. wonderful and touching.
I just happened across this book in my small local library. I read it in one sitting then my wife read it. A must read for anyone with elderly parents.
I so enjoyed this book. Laughed and cried. My daughter (who bought it for me), said the same thing.
So glad people are reading this book and liking it! I have a friend who purchased it for each of her siblings.
Added it to my Amazon list..

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