Problems in my father with breathing after urination.

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whenever my father pees he face problem in breathing. then I give him neubilizer with duolin inhaler or budhe corte inhaler for smooth breathing. he is also a heart patient, daibetic and also prostate patient. please help us


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It sounds as though he's seeing doctors for this, so he needs to keep doing that. Since he has prostate issues, maybe it's hard for him to pee and the struggle makes it hard to breathe. Make sure he has his rescue inhaler nearby, if he's got one. I'd suggest you keep trying to get an answer from the doctor.
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If this is something new, I would suggest a trip or at least a call to his doctor today. If this has been ongoing for some time, I would still call doctor and let her/him know possibly there is something they can recommend.
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If someone were to have an enlarged prostate that required straining to urinate, and that same person were to have severe heart failure, even minimal exertion like straining to urinate could theoretically produce shortness of breath. Use of nebulizers is something typically used for someone with lung problems (like asthma/copd) which you did not mention, but severe lung problems could also result in shortness of breath with minimal exertion.

Of course, talking with your father's doctor about this is recommended, especially if shortness of breath has become more noticeable or is easier to occur. If you have further questions about this topic or others, you are also welcome to contact me directly (see my profile for details).

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Vik Rajan, M.D.

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My boyfriend is stubborn, he knows that he needs to see the doctor for his health
problems. I do bring up the subject from time to time but I see that he is afraid and doesn't want to "know" ?
I don't know what else to do
Zorro79, is your boyfriend ill? Is this a prostate issue? Is he competent? If so, then, I'd just gently suggest a checkup, but, it's really up to him. I know it may be worrisome.

What would happen if you asked him to go with you to your appointment and then see if he will chat with your doctor about his problem? Some conditions like cancer can be treated if caught early. Maybe, the doctor can explain that he may be suffering needlessly, if only caught early. Still, it's up to him. I might offer a bribe of some sort. Like, cooking his favorite dish every Friday for a month, if he'll see a doctor or lots of kisses for a month. Whatever might appeal to him.
Sunnygirl1, yes I see all the symptoms of Prostate, he doesn't want to admit that he is ill.... and thank-you for the suggestion sunnygirl, I had a little talk with him... he has agreed that his dish on Wednesday's and his favourite dessert 2x wk in which I'm not happy ( chips/sundae mix, blah) ut if it works then what the heck... thank-you... I'll keep you updated :) .............. appointment next week

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