Alzheimer's class.

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the alz class was excellent. ive learned everything they offered thru common sense, experience, ( insight, not so much ) and reading.
there was only one sweet tidbit. if your elder is in a home and ill with dementia or alz, when you visit, leave your jacket at the head nurses station ( the one with the dirty knees ) and when you leave, exit without fanfare. just slip away. the exit wont be remembered in 5 minutes and there are no agonizing goodbyes or get me outta here - i wanna go with yous..
great class anyway and 2 more to go. if the govt is going to do things like this to accomodate carers, by all means go !!
great advice imo..


thanks for sharing cap'n great advice
Any good Boobs?
no boni, they were to the extreme and i kinda like the inhalant method of ingestion.
apply vaccum, eyes bug out. i have problems much deeper than poor judgement and poor insight..
You went to an AD class to check out the boobs? On the caregiver or their elders? :^0 Only you, Cap'n. But, hey, a day out is a day out! I get dressed up to go to parent teacher conferences-WHOHOO!-big time fun for me. And a trip to Wal-Mart?--get out the evening wear. My own fault actually , I have become very anti-social in real life.

Good advice on the leavings the NH , though so sad, too.
it was my only day out in 6 months. i believe i could have done the one elderly lady there cause her daughter looked like the incredible hulk before color tv..just a generic mass.. spect she could go to the beach and sell shade on a hot day..
the right side of her ass had a different area code.. the nicest thing i could do is stfu and go to bed at this point..

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