How about adding a page to your site dedicated to those looking for help and those wanting to help?

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I am sure there are many people out there who have some extra time at nights or on the weekends who would be happy to help someone. Me, I am passionate about the elderly and want to help them. I would love to spend time with them to hear their stories and go through their photos (and write names on them) and just listen and let them know their lives matter. It's so sad that so many memories are forever gone after someone passes on.

I'm not a certified care giver, but I am compassionate and empathetic and willing to give of my time to others. Perhaps a care giver in my area could use a few hours to get away (without having to pay for it) or there is someone out of state that would like someone to look in on their loved ones who are trying to still live on there own.

How do we connect those types of needs with those willing to help?


Probably the best place would be through the senior centers or churches in an area. One problem I would have with picking someone on the internet is I don't know anything about the person and they haven't had any vetting. There are a lot of people who prey on elderly people, so caregivers have to be careful.
Volunteer with the Red Cross, they will train you and background check you.
Choice, what a wonderful thing to do, wanting to volunteer to help.

Go to the top of the page where you will see a box that says "Search Site".... type in your zip code, you will get information about elder care in your area. Check some of those sites to see if they would enjoy having you as a volunteer.

Also go to the blue bar at the top of page that crosses back and forth.... you will see "Caregiver Support", now put the Mouse over that section and a drop down menu will appear.... now click on "Finding Agencies on Aging", now find your county.... check with that group to see if they have any volunteer openings.
Thank you all for your responses. I will check out some agencies.

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