Solutions to restroom stops while travelling.

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My wife has Alzheimer’s and requires me to assist her in bathroom duty when travelling. For that reason I always pull a travel trailer but with the gas prices it is nearly prohibitive. I'm sure others have the same problem and was wondering if they had a solution.


Do whacha gotta do! I've been in public men's restrooms with my husband more than once.

The ideal, of course, is when you can use the "family" or "handicap" restroom, large enough for a wheelchair and two people. But those are not always conveniently located as you travel.

Women's restroom have cubicles. You are not apt to walk in and face someone on a toilet. The women washing their hands or applying makeup at not likely to be freaked out by your presence. I suggest opening the door, and before you enter, say "Man coming in." When you get in say simply "My wife needs my assistance." And then use the handicap stall if it is available, since it has a little more room. I think the reaction you'll get most of the time is women will think you are a kind man to help your wife. I'd be surprised if you run into any indignation, but if you do, shrug it off.

Not too long ago my husband took so long in a restroom in a medical building I decided to go in and see if he needed my help. I'd been standing outside, seeing men go in and come out, and I picked a time when there was no one but my husband in there. Well, he did need help, and I was there for quite a while. One man came in, looked started, I smiled and said "Sorry. I'm helping my husband." "Oh, no problem, " he said, "I'll just go down a floor." The next man who came in heard my explanation, shrugged, and used the urinal anyway.

Bless you for taking care of your wife so well. Continue to travel as long as she is able. It is good for both of you. Bathroom stops are a kind of bump in the road, but nothing you can't handle.
Jack, you could always stick your head in the door and announce that you're bringing your wife in. Women, for the most part, are used to taking care of kids, and what woman hasn't brought a little boy in the women's restroom? We're used to it. And like Jeanne said, we have stalls so don't worry about it.
Do what you have to do.
One of my friends suggested I check with Walmart and see if all there stores have bathrooms in the rear of the store called "Family Bathrooms". If all have them that would the solution to a major problem. Possibly I can check with Home Depot and Lowe's. If they work out that would be great as one of our trips that we do 3-4 times a year now costs close to $1,000 in gas alone.
Yes! Knowing a few chains that typically have the family restrooms is a wonderful idea and would be a big help to you. Give your friend a gold star, and thanks for sharing the idea, for the benefit of others.

Also don't be afraid to take her into the women's restroom as described above, if the necessity arises.

Happy travels!

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