4 weeks of respite, but it wasn't enough....

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Me and my Hubby had 4 GLORIOUS weeks of respite over the holiday. It had the opposite effect. It just made me realize how much I missed my old life, my house ( and privacy ) and how much me and my husband are missing out on life because of my mother living with us. Now the sister who has hosted mom the last 2 Christmas has said NEVER again. Now mom is back home, back to staying in her Pajamas for days ( she was all nice and clean and dressed every day and smelling like roses while visiting others ) , Back to discussing nothing but herself and I am back to praying for the Apartment to call her and tell her its her turn.....2 years of this.....no wonder I no longer recognize the lady I see in the mirror looking back at me. Please people. If your parents were LOUSY parents, NEVER move them in your house. IT DOES NOT WORK.

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I am so sorry, and I hope that apartment opens up soon!!

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