I got a question I need help with. My Medicaid card and my health insurance has my former last name- maiden name on it. But on my picture ID it has my married name. So I want to know if I will get into trouble if they ask me for my picture ID. When I got a picture ID they told me I had to use married.

Just update the medical cards with your new name. BUT, if you just got married realize that there are legal consequences that may affect your Medicaid eligibilty. That change of circumstances is something your should report.
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Will your household income increase because you got married?

That will probably be the biggest problem.
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It's such a pain! I remarried at 55, with assets, and it took forever to sort it out. The worst was when some clients had booked an airfare in my previous name, in which I still traded. At the airport gate, all my ID was changed. They finally took an expired gun license, the only photo ID with the old name on it.
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If it's any consolation, I can tell you from experience that the authorities are very used to these complications and it won't cause any lasting harm.

I can tell you that because when I was newly divorced and got stopped by the police for speeding I gave my maiden name but signed my married name and then burst into tears; and if only I'd thought to do that first I might have got away without a ticket...

Anyhoooooo, no you won't get into trouble, but why not just get it all sorted out and save yourself the potential hassle?
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Why don't you contact Medicaid, provide them with your marriage license and have your documents changed?
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