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What type of Medicaid program? That will make a huge difference.
- If it’s for Medicaid to pay for LTC in a NH, usually admissions will have you as DPOA or your elder fill out the LTC application at the NH. Which the facility sends along with their bill to the Medicaid caseworker for the zip code that is the facility is located. You / your elder are responsible for getting together all the documentation needed (like bank statements, ownership info on thier home/car, like insurance policy’s, etc.) to accompany the application. For both my mom & MIL, each NH provided a slightly different list of paperwork needed to accompany the Medicaid application when we did a tour of the place. So day of each mom’s admission, we brought in the documentation stack & did the Medicaid application on site. Btw each took a very different path in finally getting eligibility approved. My understanding & experience is that LTC Medicaid can’t be applied for in advance, you have to be a resident (even if it’s that morning you moved in).
- for community based Medicaid programs, it really will vary by the program.
Medicaid is a huge program, from CHIP for kids to WIC for women pregnant to Medicaid as health insurance those low income, to in home caregiver paid by Medicaid for elderly. Requirements both medical & financial vary by the program. 

If it’s a regular established day program, like PACE, that you wanting to get into there’s going to be staff at the PACE center who can guide you as far as what’s what for application.
If it’s for in home type of programs, I’d suggest you call your AoA - Area of Aging to see what type of programs are in your region and how to start getting into the system. AoA usually House the ombudsman for medicaid, who are very knowledgeable about what’s available.

So what program and what do you think / hope Medicaid will cover?
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debbieabe, an "Elder Law Attorney" can navigate the maze called Medicaid. Or you can call your local agency on aging to see if they have a list of people who could help.
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