When the Administrator of an ALF Memory Care Unit contacted my husband (by phone), "She stated she was discharging his brother to the hospital to the ER for a psychiactric evaluation and that she would not accept him back to her facility."

My husband was the one who signed all the paperwork for his brother to be admitted to the facility, however, the Administrator refused to provide a copy of any 30 day written notice, a discharge notice, summary of allegations, appeals right, etc. etc. Also, his brother was only there for a month.

Thus, after I went to digging, I learned that the Administrator had in fact stated on the discharge notice to the state "She was discharging him to another facility."

How can she have done this?

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It is likely the ALF Administrator did not have the authority to give a psychiatric diagnosis, thus the need for a medical evaluation in the hospital.
Patients, once given a psychiatric evaluation and an eviction due to 'behaviors' become much harder to admit to 'non-psychiatric facilities'.
After evaluation and the proper treatment, some patients can return to a less restrictive status and a better placement.

Maybe the paperwork was actually protecting the patient's rights?
What are you actually looking for Haileybug?
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haileybug Jun 6, 2020
The Administrator claimed on the discharge sheet to the state"She was sending resident to another "non - psychiatric facility" Memory Care Unit just 10 miles up the road. That is not what she did.

How was the paperwork protecting the patient's rights? No one has the authority to omit any information to protect a person's right. That is unheard of.

Also, I am pretty certain the Social Worker would have known where to send resident. The Social Worker would not have called my husband to come get him. Thanks
Is your husband the POA? If so, he has the right to see the papers. I would call the Ombudsman for your state. Paperwork given in the beginning should have the number. Or contact the State dept she filed the paperwork with telling them what is actually happening.
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haileybug Jun 6, 2020
Yes, after contacting the State Department she filed the paperwork with, I was finally able to get a copy of the "discharge notice" she filed with the State.

That is the part in question. When the Administrator discharged him, she discharged him to the hospital. Thus, she put on the discharge notice she filed with the state, "That she was discharging him to another MC facility."
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