To make a long story short, while my BIL was in an ALF, I asked for the assistance of the long term care ombudsman in helping us get him closer to home. She visited with him and asked what his wishes were and that she would try to help. However, during that same weekend, he ended up in the hospital for surgery and after he was discharged to SNF for rehabilitation. We then received word from the SNF that he was ready to be discharged but his bed is no longer available at the ALF he was in. Strangely, after all this time, I receive an email from the ombudsman wanting an update on my BIL. How can she not already know? Then she wanted to know if he was still at the ALF. When I responded back to her with his current status and implied that we were still asking for her help …. it is like she went GHOST.

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Contact the ombudsman's supervisor.
Lots of things might have happened.
Like case workers in any position the case loads are staggering.
And as far as knowing your BIL status with HIPAA laws as they are a facility can not disclose info, a hospital can not disclose info unless there is a signed release for specific info.
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I would have your husband call her supervisor. They aren't very responsive to families when they have spoke with the patient. I had a similar experience and I went to the boss, it got me the courtesy of a returned call.
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haileybug Sep 2019

Thank you so much for responding.

The ombudsman called me back after visiting my BIL and she stated he said he would like to get closer to home. However, that Sunday he ended up in the hospital for 2 surgeries and after that discharged to SNF.

Therefore during all this time, (6 weeks), I never heard a word from the ombudsman. I received a phone call from the SNF that they were ready to discharge my BIL and that he no longer has his bed at ALF.

At this time, ombudsman shoots me an email on a Sunday asking for an update on BIL and wanting to know if he is still at the same ALF. When I respond and ask her for help she will not respond back.
None of us here can even guess I think at the motivations of an ombudsman, when we weren't party to anything in the interactions, but I would just continue to reach out to her. Things get lost, people go on vacation, and stuff falls through the cracks. If you need her continue to reach out. Hope you update us when she answers.
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