This is another thing I do not understand. Mom had a state Guardian/conservator, why you ask because of the brother who did not let anyone see or talk to mom so i called EA. Yesterday i got the report back with his ledger expenses and saw that the same brother who did not allow anyone in and was rude to social worker also took meds from moms room while she was in the hospital, he also does not have to pay back the money on charge cards he opened in her name, and those balances were paid by the money my husband sent back that mom gave us as a gift which we kept in a savings account just in case she needed it, yep it was never touched by us the exact amount she gave went back for her care. What in heavens name is wrong with the state of Michigan honestly no justice for in that state.

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I do not know why the state of Michigan will not prosecute, but here are some possibilities: (1) The amount of money is not worth the expense of investigation and prosecution. (2) Your brother may claim that your mother gave him permission to open the charge cards and use them. Unless your mother had been declared incompetent by a court before the transactions took place, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to prove that she did not authorize them.
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