Or, is it just a habit for them to do it? Or, is there something else going on?
He was doing it but not as much now. It has gotten to be more and more. And, sometimes faster at times...

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Or it could be dry/allergy eyes.

Rule out the simple/obvious problems, talk to the doctor, and keep notes on what you see day to day.
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Is the person you're talking about on any anti psychotic drugs? Becasue rapid eye blinking can be a sign of Tardive Dyskinesia which is caused by anti psychotic medications, especially longer term use of them. There are lots of symptoms to this syndrome, like: facial grimacing, pill rolling type finger movements, repetitive chewing motions, protruding the tongue, moving their jaw in a swinging motion, neck twisting and others. They can have some or all them. They can go away IF the drug is stopped soon enough, but can be permanent if not.
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My Mom, who is 97 years old and still of clear mind, blinks her eyes fast because she had macular degeneration which forms a cloud in the middle of her eye, so she is trying to blink it away.... it's just an automatic reaction.
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