My sister in Memory Care just lost her second set of expensive hearing aids. I’d like to try a hearing assistance device that is harder to lose, comfortable, easy to manage, etc. She needs it for conversation vs TV watching so the TV devices mentioned on here don’t seem like a good option for her.
I saw some “Pocket talkers” advertised online but some reviews complained about the noise when you move, etc.
Have any of you had good results with any specific devices that you can recommend?

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Clear Living, hearing aide clips/accessories, check out this site. Does your mom wear glasses? The company has clips attached to hearing aides and glasses. There is also an app you can download and find the missing hearing aides on a map on your phone. Hope you find a solution.
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Unfortunately I don't think there are any good answers, hearing difficulties in nursing homes and memory care tend to be poorly cared for no matter what tech is provided. As a personal amplifier the pocket talker was highly recommended by our local HA dispensary but anyone I saw with similar devises did not seem to use them very long. I really think that if the individual can't be trusted with routine maintenance, remember to take it with them or to turn it on and use it properly then it's pointless - but it might help for your own visits if you take charge of it while you are there.
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Get an old fashioned ear trumpet! Those are pretty much impossible to lose or break.
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