I fell and broke my left shoulder three weeks ago - will start some therapy soon. can still walk want to stay at home.

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Ouch, I had something similar happen to me last year [broken upper arm], and if you are left handed that makes it even worse as trying to write, eat, brush hair, put on make-up [if you're a woman], and trying to get dress. People think putting on a pair of socks is easy, try it one handed :P

I assume you are in a sling? I had to wear a sling for a couple of months until my arm healed completely.... thus a lot of x-rays to see the progress, not easy to do. Then rehab at a sports rehab 3x a week for about 4 months to slowly stretch out those frozen muscles. I couldn't go to work for 2 weeks, had to stay in bed, and I had to learn how to use the computer Mouse with my opposite hand... that error curer was all over the screen !!

Sounds like you are by yourself, and if you can afford to, call a caregiving agency and see what they can do to help you. Someone can come in early in the morning to help you with bathing, dressing, laundry, make you breakfast and lunch. I ate a lot of TV dinners during that time :P
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