I'm in desperate need of a hospital bed for a 95 year old woman. The one she's on now is broken and the thing that scares me the most is her falling off. I'm asking anyone out there if they can please donate a nice decent working Hospital bed again please and thank you

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Hospital beds can be repaired. Call a local Durable equipment dealer. Medicare may pay for one if they didn't pay for the one she has. If she is on Medicaid, try there or her suppliment.

There are organizations that may have "loan" closets. I live in NJ so its a Ruritan, Lions Club or ur town Rotary. Firehouses, Redcross or Craigs list.
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This isn't a commerce site but you should try or look on or contact a local charity. This is a global forum. I wish you good luck!
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If she is 95 and in a hospital bed, I'm guessing she would qualify for hospice care at this point. They will supply not only a hospital bed, but also any other needed equipment, supplies(diapers,creams,catheters, chucks etc., and medications, all covered 100% under her Medicare. Hospice will also send a nurse to check her vitals once a week to start, and aides to bathe her a couple times a week. Certainly worth looking into. Best wishes.
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