My aunt is being scammed we think by three different scammers. Has onset of dementia but her doctor says she's fine and we know she's not. Makes me think he might be scammer her. We don't know what to do cops are aware of this. Aunt went to bank today to get money and was acting funny bank told her she didn't have enough money so she wanted to take out a loan so bank called police. So this bank has a hold on her account. She has another bank not sure what is going on with them. She won't listen so what do we do?

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Why do you think her doctor is in on the “scam”? You think her doctor is committing Medicare fraud?

Maybe hire an attorney as a next step?

You are going to have to have someone to investigate and get some facts - like bank statements etc to provide to police to help them have enough evidence to indict. People are presumed innocent until convicted. The burden of proof is on her. 

If aunt is considered competent there there is nothing much you can do. If she is not, consider guardianship.
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Can you get her to another Dr if you don't trust the one you have?
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Even in early stages of Dementia they no longer can reason. I would get so mad at my Mom because she believed a nephew with neurological issues over me. I realized later that this was the beginning of her Dementia. She may "showtime" for the doctor but u see her all the time.

This is so hard without a POA in place. If dr. is a GP I would take Aunt to a neurologist. He is more equipped to make a diagnosis. Does Aunt have children? If so where are they in all this? Until she is found incompetent, not much anyone can do.
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Hermacj Mar 27, 2019
Her adopted son has passed and two grandkids don’t want anything to do with her which I don’t get she is giving their inheritance away. I am thinking her doctor maybe in on the scam. My sister confronted her today about giving her money away but Aunt denies it. Just one big mess unbelievable
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Bumping you up. Hopefully others will see your question.

My recommendation is to call APS or a local Area Aging Agency and ask for help. You may have to apply for conservatorship so you can control her finances.
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