Where can I find Depend undergarments at a discount?

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I just found out my spincter is damaged and I have been using Depends 3 or 5 times a day.

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You will have to do some research , Amazon , walmart .etc .. look for coupons. Try to see if you can buy in bulk from a local company maybe
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Watch your local papers for ads from discount stores for specials. You can also contact senior centers. Sometimes they know of people who have a surplus. Also call 211 which is the United Way. They can offer help in all areas. My husband has incontinence issues and Medicare/supplemental insurance doesn’t pay for those supplies. You have to be on Medicaid for that. Oh, also, there is a group on Facebook called “Marketplace” where people often list diapers. There’s also Craigslist. My husband needs a large size so it doesn’t work for us, but I’ve seen a lot of adult incontinence briefs listed.
Just a thought with my experience on diapers. I switched to Tena. They were a little cheaper and seemed to hold more with less leakage. And I still buy them in the same store.
BY wholesale has their own brand which is discounted
I get large Sam's club brand 80 for 35.00. Best price I've found and not irritating plastic bands around legs.

Be sure and read up on the new technology offered so you can buy knowing you are getting the best. I also found that price doesn't indicate quality, at all.

So sorry to here of your problems, hopefully they can do surgery and fix this.
Ahmijoy's answer above reminded me of a local senior center I had contacted to donate a large amount of Mom's Depends. They declined the donation! Why? Because they already had a ton that no one used. We talked about it, and I pointed out that the facility did not advertise to any of their customers that it had them! They would give them away to anyone who needed them.
We buy them on Amazon.com for my mother-in-law. Cost savings and convenience.
We order from CVS Pharmacy online site. The Depends and Tena brands are available. If you set up a recurring order, the price is discounted 20%. Also, they frequently run sales of 30% for online orders. Shipping to your home is free if you order more than $49 per time.
I have found them at our local Goodwill,, was amazed at the price. Maybe try those or other thrift shops

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