How can we prevent Grandmother from tearing her diaper?

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My grandmother can go to the toilet by herself but she gets wet by accident often, so she wears diapers. But she keeps tearing them up when she lies in bed and the next day everything is wet. How can we prevent her from doing that?

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You could get her one piece pajamas that fasten up the back, so she cannot get her hands on her undergarments. This are made to prevent care center residents from stripping and running around naked, among other reasons.

Look up adaptive clothing for seniors on Google. Several companies sell these. They are attractive and not terribly expensive.
I think "undergarment" or "Depends" is a nicer description than "diaper".
The problem is that if she wears that type of clothing she won't be able to use the toilet by herself as she does now.
I agree with Eyerishlass about calling them diapers. Our Visiting Nurse told us once to never call them “diapers” or God Forbid, “Pampers” In front of your loved one. She said it’s insulting and demeaning. She suggested calling them “underwear”.

If Grandma usually makes it to the toilet, can you use the pads instead? Tena, Depends and others all make very reliable ones. They’re more comfortable than the full-on underwear.
I can attest that the Tena overnights are very large and absorbent, cheaper than pull ups too.

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