My father does not have a present enough mind to push buttons. He is also a wander. I am looking for a alarm to call me when he leaves his place then gps activated.

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I don't know about an alarm to call you; others might have suggestions on that. I got my father a medical alert device to carry with him. It monitors position, so if his position changes, such as bending over or falling, it alerts to the security company which issued and monitors it.

They call him; if they can't reach him, they call me and I decide whether to call EMS. He's had this for several years and it's been helpful, even though he still calls me when he falls.

One time it activated when his position changed as he was taken by ambulance, and the company kept calling me well into the wee hours of the morning . I was pleased that they were so persistent. Sometimes the monitor activates when he bends over to pick up something from the floor.

If you get a pendant that alerts when he changes position, and set up arrangements with the monitoring company, they can call you on his behalf.

If he carries the pendant in his shirt or pants pocket and he wanders, there is a GPS locator in the pendant.

I'm not sure how it could be configured to alert you when he leaves his home though.

Windyridge is one of the posters who's familiar with situations like that and has a GPS device installed on his father's car. I don't know if that kind of device could be a handheld one, or fit in a pocket of clothing.

Windy, can you help out?

In the meantime, you might want to check out these posts on wander management: management devices
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Is he still in Independent Living? If so, then, I'd consider if an alert would be very useful or provide him much preventive care. If he wanders, then, I'd explore ways to prevent that from happening and not just locating him afterwards. Once, he wanders, then constant supervision is really needed. I'd discuss it with his doctor too.
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It doesn't sound like he should be unsupervised.

The only device I'm aware of is a GPS bracelet that you could track with your I phone or computer. There are probably apps that allow you to set parameters that would signal your phone if he wanders out of a certain area.

If his dementia is this advanced you'll have problems keeping the bracelet or pendant on him.
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