My Mother is abusive and yells at me most every day usually in the morning. She dosent abuse the other family members. My Mother seems very confused hard of hearing etc. She cant seem to stop complaining about me, my belongings for some reason etc. She makes these suggestions she wants me to do and keeps bothering me about doing what she wants me to do every day. Its very hard because this is how she treats me daily and I am the only one who can and is willing to live and do the work for her. She went thru a time when she couldnt walk and I felt I had to help her now shes better but still gives me orders to do things at her command. I am Like her legs she points her finger for me to do things like turn on the light, let my cat in, shut the door, get the mail etc. I do not mind doing these things at all but the yelling and questions is getting to much. But then after all of these things she needs me to do she will then jump in her car and drive somewhere and act normal. However she has been staying home a lot more and her activities are less and less. My Mother will be nice a little but will harass a lot more. You cant tell her shes being hurtfull she will just say I am not hurting you. If you tell her that shes bothering you she will just say, you let everything bother you, and she will continue on a daily basis, her treatment to me. So what i mean is you cant stop her abuse by talk she might even say this is my house just move out. So when does change happen and how do I go about it. Thank you Jerri

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