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Any janitorial supply house will carry industrial grade carpet cleaner that will work, although Nature's Miracle for small spots is great.

Mother fell asleep in her recliner and her cath bag and depends just...well, let's say the recliner had to be hauled out, and industrial grade enzyme cleaner employed. Then it sat it in the sun for a couple days to totally dry out.

It still has a very faint smell, worse when she gets it wet at all, but not unbearable. She's gone "scent blind" so it doesn't bother her.

Older stains--well, sometimes by "carpet cleaning" we tend to liquify the urine and just spread it around. There's a point at which you simply have to replace the carpet.

Good Luck!
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Nature's Miracle can be found in many major pet stores. One of the major ingredients is alcohol. Make sure you test it for color fastness first. It costs a little more than $10 per bottle. It also gets rid of smell if it is used early.
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