I've made my decision! And I couldn't have done it without you. I was trying to decide to take my dad to a memory care facility or keep him home with me with around the clock care. I'm getting in-home care.
Now I need to educate myself as to my responsibilities to the caregiver, and what I should expect and require from that caregiver?

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The agency you use will give you some "to dos'. But here are a few things to consider. Caregiver needs a place of his/her own. Bed, storage, etc. You'll be supplying food and snacks so it would be nice to ask the person upon arrival what their preferences are and then go food shopping. The 24/7 caregiver needs respite care too so when you visit, let them know they are free for how long and whether they want to sleep, go for a walk, or whatever it is their time. Wi-fi connection might be nice. A care plan will be drawn up by the person who does your dad's evaluation. Make sure it includes what you want done. Hygiene, toileting, getting him out of his apt for walks or whatever, laundry, food prep. etc. Make a list of Dad's favorite foods and snacks. If the caregiver is not american, they may not be familiar with certain food items. Make a list of nearby places of interest for the caregiver. Parks to watch children play, dad's favorite haunts, etc. I would remove ALL financial data and change address on all financial institutions before the caregiver is hired. (better safe than sorry) . ditto on family heirlooms. Leave a list of phone numbers the caregiver may need. Instructions on what you want done if he falls ill. Good luck.
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