Quadraphalegic man is told by his health care agency they have no staff to cover a call off ..he's left alone for entire shift

This is awful!

I think this happens more frequently than one would think, though. While this is especially bad because this client is left with no help at all, doesn't this also happen when caregivers just don't show up and then a family member has to provide caregiving for an elder? Or does that only happen often when private caregivers are hired?
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That's so scary. Did you sign a contract with the agency? I'd hold them responsible for what happened. And get another agency ASAP
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That’s horrible! Switch agencies. You can tell the doctor exactly what happened and then tell him or her that you are no longer willing to work with that particular agency.

I am so sorry that this has happened in your life. It’s inexcusable that an agency would behave like this. They certainly aren’t behaving in a professional manner.

I don’t think that I would trust them caring for myself or anyone in my family if they don’t bother to show up for work.
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