She is always tired and lethargic.
Has little energy. But works at computer laptop daily. Is able to think clearly.
Has trouble swallowing due to radiation treatments, 33, for throat cancer. Has frequent headaches. Has severe arthritis in joints. Knees have been replaced.
What kind of care do you advise for her??

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Doesn't sound like she needs much care at this time. She doesn't fall, so she doesn't need constant attendance. Maybe a housekeeper to do laundry and clean. As her mind is clear, she should decide how much care she needs. However, your smart to think ahead. I suggest reading "My Mother Your Mother" by Dr dennis McCullough. He gives expert advice on what you will face in the future.

Right now, you and she should concentrate on becoming and staying strong and fit. Rehab where her workouts include strength training, would stop a lot of future problems, and keep her independent and in her home. A daily walk to help with the lethargy and increase blood flow would help the breathing and depresssion. How is her diet? Gradually eliminating sugar and white flour and increasing the amount fruits and vegetables will help. Fruit smoothies are ideal for swallowing problems. Forget what she can't do, concentrate on improving what she can. The rest will follow.

You don't give her age. Have you talked to her about the future? Would she like assisted living? She has a set of disabilities, that will need a lot of supervision and care as she ages. Please read the book it is invaluable in showing you what needs to be done. Good luck.
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