My wife is in a nursing home and is non verbal due to a stroke and does not comprehend anything.

She cannot write or even make an X. She has dementia.

I’ll agree with Longears, when my mom couldn’t sign we were told on a number of forms to hold her hand and help her make an X with a witness in the room. We did this several times and never had a problem
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Here is your answer:
Representative Payee
Social Security's Representative Payment Program provides financial management for the Social Security and SSI payments of our beneficiaries who are incapable of managing their Social Security or SSI payments. If you are concerned that someone you know becomes incapable of managing or directing the management of his or her benefits, please call us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) to request an appointment to discuss your concerns.
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I just went to Soc Sec office to change mailing address for uncle.
Social Security will not accept Power of Attorney to change mailing address - just went through this 3 days ago for my uncle. I needed Dr letter saying he was incapable because of dementia. Luckily I had Dr statement.
I spent about 20 minutes with SocSec rep answering questions and providing my ID, 
Now I have to get bank account with BOTH names on it - his + mine as representative payee. Once I have correct bank account - apparently simply being a POA for his account is NOT sufficient for SocSec - then I give the new bank account info to SocSec and they will start auto deposit to new account.  If you already have a bank account with both names, I guess you'd be ok with existing account.

1st check after this address change will be paper check.
So, I could not simply change his mailing address.  Have to go through the representative payee bank account changes.  (I already had the ability to sign   and handle his 'previous' bank accounts to pay bills + make deposits.)  But I don't think I am listed as 'owner or payee' on his accounts. Hence the new account.

SocSec did not give me paperwork to take home - it's all on computer.  IF I hadn't had Dr letter about dementia, I'd have to go back to office when I had it.  They couldn't give me packet.

They also say you need to be able to provide report of how funds are used for the persons well-being.
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YsLadyMN Jul 30, 2018
I was given the advice that I could get the doctors letter and then apply for Rep Payee at the local office just today. And yes, that process requires a bank account setup as Rep Payee, not just a joint account. I had to do this for my son to get SSDI benefits due to his father... and that was not just a joint account it had special provisions. In any case, SSA took the change of address over the phone and said nothing about a paper check. Which is not a huge issue for me if that happens... but I would have liked to know!! My SIL does much of the paperwork piece of it since I'm almost 6 hours away.
artc1954, My mom could not sign or understand what she was being asked to sign when I applied to be rep payee for her. Our local office said they deal with this every day. I gave them all the info, they entered it in the computer and gave me a form for mom to sign. They said we could hold her hand to make a mark on the signature line. The form has a place for a witness to sign that they know the person making the mark. Does not have to be notarized or anything. With that form signed, the SS office handled the rest of the paperwork. Once I was appointed they gave me a form to give to the bank and the bank gave me back forms for SS with the deposit info. All in all incredibly easy!
Which is one reason I got busy getting the paperwork completed when mom went from assisted living into memory care. Pretty much anyone with access to mom's info could have gotten appointed and taken her check. The forms we filled out for admission to the ALF had more than enough info in them. I had read so many horror stories of elders signing away money and the family not knowing until too late! It happened to others in my family, but sadly it was family members who did the stealing.
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Talk to social security, I was told they have a packet with the forms. I never pursued that avenue as my dad recovered beyond what the doctors had predicted.

The above questions are good and touch on, depending on the situation.
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My Moms NH was payee for both her SS and pension. One thing I did not have to worry about.

Really need more info. Is wife on Medicaid because with a surviving spouse things work different. Do you and wife have a joint bank account? If so, not sure u would need to be payee since her SS check is direct deposited.
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Representative payee for social security, right?

Is she on Medicaid? If so, the nursing home is probably the payee and can't be changed easily. Check with social worker at the facility.

You may need an attorney if you need some of wife's social security for your living expenses. Medicaid does not want to leave the "community spouse" (you) impoverished.
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