Has anyone created a social security account for their elderly parents?


I'm not their rep payee, but it would be nice having access to their My Social Security online accounts so I can change addresses or direct deposit information if need be. I know it's basically illegal to do that, and that's why I haven't done it yet because I'm scared the government will find me and name me a fraud (probably unlikely, but still). My parents are okay with me accessing all their information. Has anyone done something like this to make life easier as a POA/caregiver/etc?



I have done it for my wife and so far no problems. And I haven't found anything on the site that I could use.
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It's not illegal to assist your parents in creating an account. Have them sign a document stating they request you to set up their accounts and/or have them sit by you as you run through the web forms.
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I did this for my husband who has dementia only for convenience. Lots of security questions to answer. Unless you are doing it to get access to their funds, give it a try.
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If your parents already have an online account, you can’t create another one for them. They should have separate accounts if they each get a check. What you need to do is figure out how to log in so you can access the information. Do either or both of them remember their passwords?

If they don’t have online access, you can create an account for them, I believe, with Social Security numbers. I did when I filed for my husband and no one knocked my door down and hauled me off to the pokey. And, as I suggested in your previous post, you can always talk to your local SS office and ask them how to go about it.
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