What is the best blood pressure monitor?

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My mom's blood pressure monitor seems so inaccurate the readings are all over the board in a given day. She needs to check and record her blood pressure daily. Does anyone have a home blood pressure monitor that they would recommend or not recommend?

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I will share what I know. I purchased an OMRON model HEM-790IT, after doing much research. It has pros and cons.

At first it was very challenging. It gave error responses A LOT! That is very frustrating. What you have to do is practice over and over to get the hang of it. You have to get the arm cuff very tight. The cuff automatically pumps itself. And you have to remain very still during the test. Read the instructions repeatedly. It's pretty finicky, but can be perfected with practice.

It also has two modes and you can keep a log of two people's numbers with dates and times and download them for your doctor. It also gives heart rate.

This is a model that I see used in doctor's offices. I have had medical staff tell me it's very accurate.

I forget what I paid, but I think around $140.00. It was much more than the more economy brands.

I've had it for around 6 years and it still works fine. I use it a lot too. They probably have a newer model. I would buy it again.
Please note that blood pressure readings will be all over the board depending on what the person was doing just seconds before the reading.... such as walking up or down a flight of stairs, or changing sheets on the bed will show a higher reading. One needs to rest 3 to 5 minutes prior to using the machine :)

Stress and anxiety can cause a reading to be higher... thus the reason why sometimes our readings are higher will in the doctor office. And if the person smokes, don't take a reading until 30 minutes after the last cigarette was smoked otherwise it will increase the reading.

Another thing I just learned, if your bladder is full, the reading will be the higher.
Watch several videos on HOW to take BP. Most errors are due to incorrect positioning of the patient or the cuff.
My folks take theirs almost evey day, and I take mine when I'm there (almost every day) and the readings do vary quite a bit. Doctor said not to worry unless it is consistently high.

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