I have been on this site for approximately two years (since my elderly mother went into a nursing home) and have seen the term "memory care facility" used over and over. I know what a nursing home is and I know what an assisted living facility is. Can someone please explain to me what a "memory care facility" is?

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Where I live dedicated memory care facilities are nonexistant and memory wings within other facilities are few and clustered in larger urban areas, so since all nursing homes have controlled entry that is where those with dementia usually end up.
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Memory Care is more like assisted living with some controls to prevent patients from walking away and additional help executing tasks as needed - everyone in MC has some level of memory impairment. Memory Care often has people who are more physically mobile than those in a nursing home too.
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Memory care is a sub-division of either AL or NH facility. It very much varies by state.

Memory care is for folks who wander, need more supervision and assistance and who may have more behaviors than folks in regular AL.

Both the AL and the NH that my mom used had a memory care section.
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