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It is for my husband but not for the Parkinson's. He fell and completely severed the quad tendon. He was in a hospital for a week and then a rehab facility for 46 days for PT. None of the medical staff in either of these facilities found the problem so none of the PT was doing him any good. He then received home health services and they figured out what was wrong. He went for surgery to fix the problem and then to the current rehab. Unfortunately it hasn't been 60 days or more since the last rehab. He will definitely qualify for home services but it is very difficult in that we live in a 3-story townhome. Yes, dementia has started and the tremors from the Parkinson's makes his PT harder but he is improving.
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Is this for your husband, who has Parkinson's? What kind of rehab was he getting? PT, OT, Speech? Did the 100 days result in improvement in his condition? Is he still improving? Might he do well at home with therapists coming to the house?

If he needs residential care at this point, the options are nursing home, assisted living, possibly group home. Does he have any dementia?

Tell us more about the situation. People who have been in similar situations can respond more specifically then.
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