Pg 2 We found out she had to have a Valvuloplasty before they could do the hip replacement because she did not have enough blood flow from her heart for the surgery. They had to do the heart procedure the day before hip surgery, They had to use 3 different size balloons because the 1st and 2nd balloon did not work to push calcification away from the calcified aortic valve. This was a very dangerous thing for a 97 98 year old female to have done 1 day after the other and live through it after being under anesthesia and having heart problems to do the hip surgery. I sat alone by myself. My brother and sister did not come to the hospital!! She caught C-Diff and went to the rehab as I described up above and stayed in rehab from end of April thru July over 100 days. Medicare pays 100% ONLY the1st 20 or 21 days. Her supplemental insurance did not pay anything because it did not cover SKILLED NURSING. I had to pay $ 157.50 each day. Multiply that time 31 days or 30 days a month. It is $4,725 for 30 days. After her 100th day you pay more per day plus supplies. They said she had to go her time was up. I could not lift my mom, I fell and hurt my hip and knee in parking lot when it was raining when I left there one night. I stayed with her daily and nightly there until I left to go HOME to sleep. I had to admit her into an assisting living which hurt me because I wanted my mother with me. To enter her there was fee to move in then there was the Monthly charge. It was over $5,000 to move her in for that month, then $3,750.00 after that per month. Then there was the cost of the gas for me to go see her daily back & forth, The cost of Pull ups daily, the overnight diaper, the Pads. All personal toiletries, shampoo, soap, etc., Clothes, shoes, Beauty salon, Nails to keep her happy. Her Social Security check was only 1, 516.00 and the approx $ 100 taken out before you get the check monthly. This was not enough and my brother and sister had all her money they took back in 2009 and now it is 2015 she went in and still there to this day which today is May 16, 2017. I've asked for $$ to help they will not send anything. All the years I took care of her until she broke her hip was from June 2009 to March 31, 2015. 6 Years I took care of my mom when she hired lawyers and they didn't help.. They said she signed that paper. She told them she thought it was a Medical (Power of Attorney). I didn't even know when she had SIGNED THAT POA . She told me my sister had taken her to a lawyer one day and she thought it for my sister to speak for her if she went into the hospital if my mom was not able to speak for herself and that if she had known she had signed something that would take away everything she had she would never had signed it. So now, I am still taking care of my mom and paying the difference of all her bills and using $ I had saved from the time I worked. I am 65 will be 66 in September. The amount that comes in to my mom from SOCIAL Security is over the amount Medicaid allows to get Medicaid to help pay hospital and medical, I have to pay for her AARP Supplement for Hospital and doctors medical bills of $ 285.00 or more a month, then the AARP Medicare PART D RX plan a month over $ 50 a month then the cost of the medicines. The Pharmacy the assisting Living HAS A CONTRACT WITH charges different costs for the medicines. Where as when we used the AARP RX PLAN Pharmacy before, we had 3 months of meds mailed to my mom at home and they were cheaper, but seems higher now so this adds to more costs to use their pharmacy. I need help with Diapers, Pull ups, Pads, her medicines and her AARP insurance plan and the RX plan and can't get Medicaid because her Social Security check is a little over the amount allowed. She has all these bills and my brother and sister have her Money, the Land and Home in an Irrevocable Trust waiting for my mom to die to collect I don't know what to do. Continued from previous entry on page 1

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I agree. You need a lawyer. And let the lawyer get very aggressive - you need to be reimbursed for all that you have already spent on behalf of your mother. Please none of the "mama would be so upset to know I'm suing my siblings" nonsense. YOU are the one who has been taken advantage of .
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You need a lawyer. This is too complicated for you to handle. I hope you kept records of the money you have put out. The Trust is her money so I don't know why that can't be used for her care. Actually, I can't believe your Mom survived all of this.
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