Has broken a window, hit several employees and messed up other residents rooms. He has only been living there for 3 days.

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This is incredibly upsetting and worrying for you. To stop it rendering you sleepless for the rest of the week, remember: whatever can be done to help your father - and there will be things that can be done - they are for the memory care unit to discover and to implement. That is what memory care units are for. You will just have to trust them to do their job.

Meanwhile take deep breaths, ask for regular updates, and ask if there is any support you can offer to help them with the settling-in process. But your father's disease is no more your fault than it is his, and you must try not to feel responsible for what is happening.
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Since it has been 6 hours since I answered your post and it is listed on page 3, I am writing something so that others can see your post and give suggestions. Have a good Father's Day!
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Oh, My Goodness! Aggressive Destructive behavior is putting it mildly! I am so sorry that you and your Dad are going through this experience. My prayers are with you and your Dad!


Are you familiar with your Dad's medical history? Has your Dad been evaluated by a geriatric psychiatrist recently? Does your Dad have dementia or Alzheimer's? Is your Dad an alcoholic who no longer has access to alcohol? Is your dad experiencing withdrawal symptoms?

Is the aggressive destructive behavior of sudden onset? If so, then he needs to have his urine tested for a urinary tract Infection (UTI) because they can cause behavior problems. Has your Dad lost his wife or significant other or a sibling or close friends recently?

Since your Dad has been in other residents' rooms, does the facility Administrator and/or Director of Nursing feel that your dad is a danger to the other residents? What has the Director of Nursing or Social Services told you about your Dad's condition? Is the Administrator or Social Services Director of the Assisted Living facility telling you that you need to find a different place for your Dad to live?

Your Dad may need to be hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital and transfer to a psychiatric long term care facility that specializes in caring for people with aggressive destructive behavior.

I am sorry that I am asking so many questions about your Dad. It is hard to offer appropriate advice or suggestions when I do not know your Dad's medical history or past mental health problems.
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