Mom is getting more aggressive and mean. What can I do? -

Mom is getting more aggressive and mean. What can I do?


I dont know how much more I can take. My mom is getting so mean and aggressive toward me. She lives w my husband and I and its getting to be too much. I try not to react but its so hard when shes calling me a bi*** and WORSE all the time. She hit me today and I almost lost it... I need help.



My mother only became combative when she had a UTI. But there is no reason for you to allow yourself to be physically abused. If you have children or pets, they could be abused by her as well. If it’s not a UTI, you might want to consider other living arrangements for her.
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If not a UTI then its time for medication. Being violent is part of the Dementia/ALZ journey.
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Webbsue, I agree with Barb above. Have your Mom checked for a Urinary Tract Infection either at her primary doctor's office or at urgent care. Both can do a simple test at their office.
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If your mother has had a sudden change in mental status--she's become aggressive where she wasn't before, she may have a UTI which can cause behavioral and psychiatric symptoms in elders.

I would ere on the side of getting her medical assistance right away. Like calling 91q if you can't safely transport her yourself to the ER or urgent care.

I would first call her insurance company's nurse line if they have one one and report her symptoms. If you can get in touch with her doctor, also good. But don't ignore this.

This is not about you losing it. This is a matter of mom needing medical attention.
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