I paid in advance for 6 weeks of respite care. I worked with the executive director of the facility and I signed a contract. I have since been billed for the amounts I prepaid plus an extra level of assisted living and charges for the month following the patient's discharge. I have had threats of a collection agency. That agency agreed with me and did not pursue the case. I also am due a refund of $600 from the move-in fee. I noticed that they appropriated that amount and subtracted it from the padded bill. I have complained through the suggested contacts. My next step appears to be the State. This situation is deplorable and there is obvious fraud or extreme incompetence. Can this be cleared up for me?

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Immediately write a letter to your state attorney general's office. In some states, like PA, you can file a complaint on line. Go for it.
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If the facility s a large national company contact the main offices. Also report them to the state, and I would also let them kniw you are going to report them to the licensing agency. Oh and do not leave out the BBB.
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