My mom is half paralyzed on right side , I'm 26 year old. I give up my work to take care of my mother. I'm the youngest my brother and my sister had already married. They can't help me bcoZ of there children. Now I don't know what I'm going to do?.I don't have money to support our daily needs.

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Please heed Ismami and Jeanne's advice! Your first responsibility is to yourself and your future. It doesn't mean you are not a loving daughter. Your Mother would not want her children to give up their lives for her. Sit down with your family and maybe a social worker and figure out the best course of action.

This must be very difficult for you and your siblings but together you can see that your Mother is safe and well cared for, while you getting on with the lives Mom wants you to have. Visit often and let her know how much you love her. The grandchildren can still be an active part of her life as well. Being a successful, independent adult is the best gift any child can give their parent. Best of luck!
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Good advice from Jeanne and Miami; you can't be expected to bear the entire responsibility just because your siblings already have families. Having children is no justification not to find ways to assist with your mother's support; they just participate in different ways and on different levels. But if you accept that they can't participate, you will end up with all the responsibility.

You don't state the reason for the partial paralysis. If it's stroke related, check with local hospitals to see if they have stroke support groups. A hospital in this area does; they have regular meetings, so people have a chance to get out and socialize with others in similar situations. It might also provide you with ideas on moving forward with professional care.

In the meantime, as you sort out the caregiving responsibilities, make sure that your mother's financial and legal affairs are in order.
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What you are going to do, if you are smart, is follow lsmiami's advice. See to it that your mom is taken care of, but live your own life.

You might start by calling your county Department of Human Services, explain that your mother has some handicaps, and ask for a needs assessment for her. They can help you determine options for her care.
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Your mom is paralyzed, she will need long term care. You cannot change that. You cannot be expected to give up your young life to care for her. Find her a group home, find her a skilled nursing facility, get her on medicaid if needed. Advocate for her, visit her often, and live your own life. Have a job, better yet a career, advance your education, meet someone wonderful, share the joys in your life with your mom, but for God's sake have a life!
Just because your siblings launched their lives ahead of you does not mean you cannot or should not have an opportunity. Giving up your life for mom will turn your love into resentment, that would be devastating for both of you.

Have an extra special Mother's day with her.
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