It was the 5th x we went to him for & he still does not know y. While we were there mom said to me that b4 I got there that she talked to her mom& dad (both have been dead for many yrs.) She also said she went to school & that i was her mom.??? Facility Dr. said she had dementia 3 yrs. ago. I am sooo scared that she is getting closer to the end & I am her POA & honestly I have been sooo busy researching on how to help her stay alive for the last 5 yrs, the 1st 2 yrs it was ovarian cancer, 4 stage & had 3 months to live & we got her in City of Hope where she had chemo & radiation & has been cancer free since. Then fell, broke hip, had it replaced, went in rehab for 3 weeks & she is still in there 3 yrs later. she is crippled & needs 24hr care. Dr. in facility said she has dementia & Parkinsons & I have done 3 yrs of researching anything & everything that I could learn bout both in hope to help mom. With her telling me she talked to her parents, is this a sign she's getting closer to the end???

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