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I use Nomorobo. It's been a gift for us for sure, and free with major carriers. Set up an account online, it will walk you through the steps. My elderly parents were inundated with calls until we set it up for them; 98% percent of the calls are gone. It's so quiet for them in the house now that they love telling others about it.
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Lilrabbit, I would call the phone carrier that you use for the landlines and ask if there are any landline phones that have this capability, or if the carrier offers such a service.

Are you having issues with spam calls, or with unwanted personal calls? As for outgoing, is your Mom calling out on a whim?

Glad you are still using a landline phone. All our elders grew up with such a phone and know how to use them. Plus if the elder needs to dial 911 and isn't able to speak due to a stroke, the emergency dispatch's screen will automatically show the elder's address. I know I will never give up my landlines.
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