Does the VA help pay for assisted living?

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I found this section about VA here on this website. Hopefully it will answer your question or lead you to where you can get the answer.

There's also the Veterans Benefits Guide
Yes it does if your father retired from the military or was in the military during the time of the WWll war. I got my father help from the military a few years ago and now he receives a check for $2150.00 a month then we also use Medicaide for $1,020.00 and combined with his Social Security it covers mostly all of it on assisted living in a place that is about or under $4000.00 a month. I am not sure of the other wars but check and see and also all doctor visits at the VA are free and they pay for all his meds and briefs and hearing aids etc. They are wonderful for my father. Thank God I looked into this and had a real helpful person at the VA who knew their stuff. Good Luck.
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The short answer, yes they do. The details are within a few criteria that include 3 main factors:
1) did they serve 90-days of active duty with 1 day, yes 1 day of that time being during an "active war-time"? Does not have to have seen combat, just active duty.
2) do they meet financial considerations? Roughly under $2K / month income (minus health care costs) and an asset limit less than $80K but that's a sliding scale based on age.
3) is there demonstrated need. If they are in assisted living my presumption is they have the need.

Keep in mind it is estimated that only about 5% of eligible veterans know about this benefit, so anyone reading this tell all your military friends to investigate this. They served for us, our civil duty to tell them.

The name of the benefit, or pension is Aid and Attemdance. There is more info on the VA page including the details for 1, 2, 3 above. You have to look for it, but it's there.
Surviving spouse can also be eligible. A worthwhile read on VA website for all. Good to have either the VSO veteran Service Officer for your county or a company like Veterans Care Coordination Help dot the "i"s and cross the "t"s since the application has to be correct or it gets rejected.

Good luck.
The VA will pay for what is called aid and attendance benefits. I recently applied for these benefits for my mom and she started receiving them 3 months later. I found going to the VA office of great benefit. I met a rep we got to know each other and then the rest was handled thru email and phone calls. I personally think a one time face to face meeting gets them to work with you better because they actually know who you are not just a voice on the other end of the phone. I hope the best for you, the VA is a wonderful help it just takes a bit of time setting it up but its well worth it. Ruth Anne
If you have an assisted living place picked out, they often will help families with the details and paperwork. It's to their advantage to know there's money coming in to pay. Plus they most likely have contacts at the local VA. Best of luck to you! It might seem overwhelming at first, but it's definitely worth the time if you meet the qualifications.
I applied for survivor benefits for my mother with the VA. My father had been a Marine in Guadalcanal and my mother wound up receiving $1149 per month which HAD to be used for her care and later on I had to prove that the money was used exclusively for her assisted living bill. You have to keep very good records for the VA Admin. Also, they gave my mother retroactive benefits going back to the day she was first admitted into assisted living. It's worth applying. Good luck!
Also, they will send a representative out to interview you and your loved one but that wound up being a very pleasant process. Go for it.
My mother as well was/is still receiving the $1149 a month and I was just appointed the fiduciary to administer the benefit. Had to open a separate account for direct deposit of the benefit as well. My mother was just admitted to AL in the last month and she is also on Medicaid. I was told by the VA field rep who interviewed me and my mother that the benefit will likely drop to $90 once the paperwork all catches up at the VA. At that point, it is considered a "Personal Care Pension" and cannot be accessed for any other purpose other than that (i.e., personal needs, haircuts, sundries, etc.). The link in the first post provides good info and, as everyone else is saying, it is well worth the time to work this through. Good luck!
Know that the income requirements will limit those who will get Aid and Attendance. It is a long process, but with VA Secretary McDonald's new customer service implementations, I have seen real progress with the VA and "Bob" as he likes to be called is really making some huge changes. I met him while he was visiting the Phoenix VA and asked him why all the computer data bases were not all connected with each VA clinic. That is one of the changes he made in our VA system and I am so glad I got to speak with him!
Yes as i said we got moms in three months so they are getting faster with claims

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