The family pharmacist says this medication is rarely used and very expensive. My father (83) has advanced Parkinsons that is progressing quickly. He was diagnosed just two and a half years ago and is advanced already with a 24 hour caregiver. Walking is a thing of the past and now swallowing and chocking is my concern. He has a supra catheter as well as he is totally incontinent.

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I think, at the level that your father is currently in, that Neupro would not improve his situation. I went to the Neupro website, and read about it and read the side effects, and I personally would not want to use this medicine. I think if your father were still mobile and at a lesser stage of the disease that I might consider it, but the side effects might still deter my consideration. Read up on it and decide for yourself.

As to the cost, if it were something that would miraculously make Dad become mobile again, and able to eat without choking, I would say no cost is too high. That's just me, though.
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Please consider a Hospice evaluation, they can provide morphine which may give him greater relief. Hospice is fully covered by Medicare. Please do all you can to make him comfortable.
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