My grandfather just recently returned home from an extended stay at a rehabilitation center. During this time he didn't need breathing treatments or oxygen at night. For 2 months he wasn't wheezy nor did he develop any lung infections.

My grandfather just returned home this past Saturday and now (Friday) almost a week later he's getting wheezy and confused (almost like he's getting another lung infection) what could be the trigger for this? We do have pets, and carpet. How can we see what is triggering him to get sick? Is it mainly the pets or the carpet?

At a loss right now and confused at what it could be.

He also has dementia and parkingsons disease.

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last month my car would not start on occasion. someone (not a mechanic) told me it was my battery. so I spent $155. for a new battery. guess what? it wasn't the battery. then I took my car to a mechanic. he told me it was my starter. so I replaced my starter.problem solved. when I took the car to a professional he knew the problem right off.
I suppose what I am trying to say is that I would get a professional into the house and have the air checked. there are companys which do that. then your not guessing what the problems are. actually the problem could be the air in the house. medications, time of year . it goes on and on.
good luck
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More than likely the pollen in the warm Spring air. I would buy a HEPA air cleaner for his bedroom. If you have Central Air, replace the air filter with a clean high efficiency filter. If you are lucky and you know an HVAC tech, install a UV germ killing light in the supply ductwork.
Listen to his lungs every day with a stethoscope. If you hear wheezing or crackling or the lung sounds are muffled, call the MD. If his nose tip or finger tips look slightly blue, get to the ER.
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