I wish that I had been an eldercare lawyer so I could know what to do to help families (like mine and those of friends) get through the labyrinth of gov't forms (who wrote that incomprehensible mess, anyway?) and file all the weird required things to help a loved one have decent care and a happy senior time regardless of illness or dementia or whatever. I am so frustrated that I could eat glass. I would not want to be paid for this service beyond office supplies and postage. Anyone else feel this way? If so, let's find a way to help those of us and others with loved ones who need care. Suggestions?

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Just starting the process and am already feeling like I am caught in a vortex along with a catch-22. No answer or paper seems to be correct and if it is I am 20 minutes late in filing. I get: "you are 20 minutes late filing, you now need this phone number and call NOW before you lose that option." I call they tell me "This is not the correct number, you need to call......" which is the number I just called."
Than I get, FAX this right now.....(but I am in the middle of the street crossing...") Too late.... Guess I need to carry my mom;s 6' (and growing) notebook with me and a fax machine....
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Yes the process is jumping thru hoops especially when you don't have help or assisance from someone who know the process. I wish I could write a book or create a website to help those who need assistance with the process of caring for our family memebers. There is so much we find out and when it is too late to help our family memebers or the time takes longer than needed. I feel your fustration on another level.
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