Massive ice storm followed a foot of snow. Everyone lost power, 750,000 without heat lights power. My brother Mike, my hero took control and took Dad to his son's house for two days. They still had power. We lost power for three days, my brother, five days, 28 degrees during the day, 19 at night. My house was so cold by that 3rd day every surface radiated cold. I spent the first two days running medicine and clothes up to Dad. It took me three hours to find a Rite Aid that was open to get dad's medicine refilled. 3rd night my sister helen got power, Mike, Dad, and i partied at Helen's. Then we got power, heat is a lovely thing. Simply things like hot food, making a hot cup of tea, nirvana. Five of my six siblings, pitched in, checked everyday to help. Then there is Peg.

Dad was worried about peg my sister. So on the third day my sister Mary called. Turns out Peg never lost power. Her in-laws were there, but never once did she offer to help. Dad wanted to go there. I was so angry, I was afraid of saying something unforgivable. I refused to go. I dropped Dad off with every intention of leaving him with Peg until the power came back on at our house. I forget his 3pm pill. I bit the bullet and went over Peg's house. There I found my 92 year old Dad alone, unfed, huddled in a chair taking a nap. I took him away. We drove for hours keeping warm. How do you handle this? I can't even be angry. How can someone be so uncaring?

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This winter storm was indeed cruel. I got cold just reading what you wrote. I'm glad that everyone pulled through okay. Having an elder makes things so much more stressful. They can get so cold, even when the house is comfortable. Without heat it would be unbearable for them. Good job keeping your dad warm. You deserve a medal.

I won't comment on Peg's behavior because I don't know if she left your dad alone for 10 minutes or 10 hours. I often leave my mother alone for a while, but I know it is okay to do that. We wouldn't have to know more of the story.
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