These are some things that are going on...I’ll try to be short and to the point, not out of disrespect, but pressed for time while other caregiver is taking care of helping make sure she bathes...
Up all night, almost every night.
EXTREMELY confused all day long, seeing people many times a day.
Constantly trying to feed and walk the cat, I mean about 4-5 times an hour.
Sometimes will ask who are you? Why are you here with me?
When are we going home? I want to go home.
Goes from extreme eating (we make plates for her, she feeds herself), to hardly eating at all.
Has every excuse under the sun to not get bathed. Have to say that we are going somewhere, and if she doesn’t shower, she will not be able to go. (we are thinking that she needs more help to actually bath properly.)
Always trying to walk away with meds. We have to sit and watch every move. This can take over an hour most of the time, or she try’s to hide them or flat out refuses to take them because nothing is wrong with her.
Has more and more accidents, and then tries to hide them from us...
Any input is appreciated. This is a very hard decision, we are worn out. Completely worn out. It may be in all of our best interest...

Thanks in advance.

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Yes! Please look into Memory Care soon, for your own sanity and to make sure that she gets the help she needs. I placed my mom in Memory Care in Sept. and what a relief it was!
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If you can take the time to do it, scheduling a few tours and meetings could be very helpful in your decision making. That's what I did while Dad was in rehab, so I could have everything in place at discharge time. Only you know when you're at the limit of care that you can provide safely. Keep in mind that they have a staff that will do what you're doing now.
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Yes you need to look into a MC! You say you are worn out,, that is what the turning point was for us with Dad. He was up for over 36 hours and we were unable to do it any more. He was content t MC, and we were able to enjoy being with him
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