I am in the same boat you are, just in a different cabin. My mom is 77, I have been reading the many other comments. They are all right. I think I might be a step behind though, I have been working with mom for POA, for my brother and myself, for my mom. One day she tells me she has dementia the next day she tells me she doesn't. Is there something I can try with out her really knowing, ( I know this is sneaky ) that she is being tested before we ask the doctor for some kind of test? Online? Games? Questions? I am up for almost anything. Also, I just want mom to know that we are interested in a simple Living Will and to take care of the POA. She doesn't have much, My brother and I work pretty well together and want the best for her. Is there any thing we should know going into this meeting? Health and Finances is there anything else we might need to know about before we get the paper work done.

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Two people being coPOAs is asking for trouble. One be the primary, and the other be backup.
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If you and your brother are working well together being co-POA's will change that. POA should be given to only one person.

There are no do-it-yourself diagnostic tests for dementia. A neurologist should do the testing and give the diagnosis. Whether your mom has dementia or not is impossible for her to say.

But it is a good idea to get her affairs in order now while she's lucid, before any dementia robs her of her reasoning. The attorney will let you know if you need to bring anything to the meeting. However, you might want to bring your mom's diagnosis so you can better plan ahead.
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