Wandering seems to be defined as aimless wandering or getting lost. Then there is fleeing, flight risk or flight due to a perceived threat. What about the person that knows exactly where their going, and they return on their own, but their reason for leaving is delusional? For instance the person may think the have information for the police, they leave on foot and head to the police station, and return on their own. Is that wandering? I want to relay the behavior correctly to the doctor, and the lawyer. Is there a term for this behavior? So far I call it acting on delusions and hallucinations.

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My husband used to go across the street and ask to use the neighbor's phone to report that he was being held captive against his will. Or that his car had been stolen. That was definitely not wandering. He was acting on delusions. They'd offer him a cup of coffee and a cookie and he'd come back home to his captivity. This activity lasted only a short while, thank heavens!
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No, not wandering. I would describe it exactly like you wrote it.
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