Well I learned on this forum it could be done. Wow! But!!! It takes 2 hands to tear (or cut) one side at a time. Therefore the first side lobs down while working the other side and the contents may get deposited on the lower legs. Right? One more hand might be convenient. One solution that I can think of is to hold the offending depends up with suspenders during the tearing process - naw that wouldn’t work. Maybe tear and clamp the first side, tear the second side, then grab the first side and release the clamp simultaneously - tricky & risky - but it might work with practice.

Now thinking it out how about this: I’m right handed so tear the left side first (both hands) then lower it down a bit and fold the torn sections over the middle between the legs and hold that with my left hand. Now take my wife’s nursing bandage cutting scissors in my right hand and cut the right side. Now that side will fall aside but since I’ve already secured the mid section no contents can get deposited in unwanted areas. Can't wait to try this.

So maybe I’ve solved my own problem but if there’s a better way what might it be? How do you it?

Worked! Had what you might think of as a double blivit (PBlivit 4 in my log) (5 is the worst). Anyway I ripped the left side (both handed) then held it there (left hand) and cut the right side with the bandage cutters (right hand) which have a blunt tip on one blade. I didn’t fold it up the middle - didn’t have to. 

After a wash rag devouring clean up I walked her back to the bedroom, carefully negotiating the precipice between the vinyl and carpet flooring and getting her med into her while standing up, coaxed her into bed and before she lay down she gave me a big smile. Ample pay.
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Pull the briefs evenly all the way down before cutting the sides. Makes the side seams shorter. You may need scissors, but this is what worked for me.
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For the most part ripping the sides is a simple way to remove a pull up style product without needing to first remove pants, sox and shoes first, there is even a nifty method to put a new one on without removing any clothes and I found it a real time saver (not to mention it is cool - I never got over the novelty of it!). I think it's pretty much a given that there is going to need to be some major clean up if it is soiled rather than just wet, especially if it is very loose. What I often did was seat mom on the toilet, rip the sides and then pull the soiled mess from under her, but then I was fortunate enough to have the ability to wash her thoroughly right there on the toilet with our hand held shower.
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Norgirl May 27, 2019
How do you put the new Depends on without removing any clothes?
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Thanks for great thinking by all contributors. As the 24/7 person for my wife, I found the questions and suggestions VERY helpful.
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I had to cut the Depends off my dad. I kept the little kids scissors right by the bed. It took a lot less time then ripping them. Cut on both thighs and never had an accident on skin. Dad slept on waterproof cotton pad so no spillage to worry about-they were easily washed in washing machine anyway. The pull ups weren't that thick on sides at all so took 5 seconds to cut. Best to you and and you are an angel.
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Despite being the well known brand, depends are. Not great products
the drug store brands from CVS or Walgreens are better but mom would still use a Kotex pad in them to help soak up the overflow when she could handle herself

also, if bedridden, don't use pull ups - use the briefs with side tabs
even though immobile, mom can still help roll over making clean up much easier
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Just have the person lay in bed on his/her back, tear both sides then have him/her roll to the side and pull them off. Absolutely ZERO mess. To be extra cautious you could put a towel or disposable hygiene pad underneath while doing this just in case. I do this with my mom every single day!
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Could it be time for disposables with tabs? You might have to look online. You might be able to time when super duty is needed during the day to save a little $
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qmnpxl May 27, 2019
Good idea. I will look into the tabs and the timing. Costco had a sale on Depends a while back and I zoomed in on that so have a BIG supply of same. :-) 

My scissors method works OK but could use modification or improvement. Sliding the scissors under a tight Depends leg isn’t a slam dunk even though that’s what they were designed to do. I’m thinking of sliding a piece of tubing along the right seam to hold it away then using the scissors right beside it; the tube then falling on the floor. It would sit in the drawer with the scissors. 

But that’s the way of things. The first inventor starts the process then gets surpassed. But he did start it. Then it has to be modified and fixed up and sometimes gave up.
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I've never found an easy way to do this without making a mess. I will follow this for ideas.
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Not really a recommendation, but a memory from my mom who passed last October: She had just been moved to a wonderful assisted living facility and while she could no longer smoke, she somehow had kept an old cigarette lighter. One of my sisters walked in on her while she was using the lighter to burn off her Depends! Fortunately she wasn't hurt, but it just illustrates how judgement can be impaired.
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