some background information: my wife has been diagnosed w/clinical depression for the last 9 years during this time the most successful treatments have been ECT the illness was held in check, however, complacency took over and maintenance was avoided. However, she recently had another episode and was hospitalized and began ECT---after 4 treatments it was discontinued she became very confused/disoriented about her current location (hospital) and started to associate the environs as her previous employment and refers to staff members other patients as co workers. The question I have is how do I deal w/conversations do I 'go-along' with her fixation? or how can I explain to her where she is at. I've told she is currently in a hospital--and has been there for over 2 wks the depression apparently has been placed into a re missive condition. It is too early in the prognosis for the Dr to make an accurate assessment of the condition. Not quite sure what avenue to pursue @ this time.
Thank You

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My heart goes out to you, Ken. What a difficult position you are in!

I have had only one exposure to ECT, and that person was disoriented for quite a while after the last treatment but did gradually come around. What has been your previous experience with these treatments?

For dementia patients I think the general advice is to "go-along." But this is a different situation. Perhaps it is best to re-introduce the patient to reality. But I really have no idea. Can you discuss this with the treating physician?

It would be interesting to have you come back and tell us how things are going. We could all learn something from you.

Best wishes as you deal with this.
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